Backs slate for County Council


Listen Whatcom County, election time is upon us and we have some quality choices in front of us. Kathy Kershner has worked hard for our county for the last four years, and brings a unique perspective to the council. As a former Navy reserve officer and current small business owner, I believe she brings accountability and transparency where it much needed.

Bill Knutzen is another current member of the council who I believe continues to serve with experience, integrity and resourcefulness. Bill is another successful small business owner who uses common sense and always has time to listen to individuals and their personal endeavors.

Ben Elenbaas is man who understands the agricultural and environmental issues that face our county. Ben studied at Huxley, runs a farm that produces quality local products, and is a supervisor at BP.

Michelle Luke has a clear vision to move our county forward and allow jobs to flourish. She loves this county and I believe will do what it takes to make sure it will succeed. I urge you to consider these great candidates who are committed to helping Whatcom County.

Luanne Van Werven


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