Happy to re-elect McAuley for port


Has anyone wondered why there have been numerous letters written supporting Mike McAuley for re-election to port commissioner? Well, I'll restate the obvious; Mike is a public official that listens and responds.

I first saw Mike at a port commission meeting, where I spoke on a local issue. After the meeting was over Mike sought me out and offered up much more information on the subject than I was even aware of. My point of course, is that Mike approached me with helpful information. I did not have to make an appointment or hope that a public official would return a phone call. I have since found out that is the way Mike McAuley operates.

Since that port meeting I have been at several meetings where Mike shows up with his working clothes on and talks in plain speak. It is a rare thing to listen to straight ahead facts without the useless smoothing rhetoric that most often accompanies a visit from some public officials.

I don't impress easily or often wax enthusiastically about elections, but this is one time we need to heed the obvious.

Please re-elect Mike McAuley for port commissioner and retain not only the voice of reason, but the ears that listen.

Steve Bacon


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