Questions need for EMS levy


The Whatcom County Fire District 4 EMS levy will increase my taxes specific to Whatcom County Fire District 4 by 22.5 percent. This means for every $5 collected now they want to increase it well over $1. If this levy can only be used for EMS, then I believe the existing money used for EMS will be used somewhere else in operating the fire district. Putting paid firefighters in a corner of the district (within one-half mile of Bellingham fire area) seems to slow responses to other areas not near this corner. If Whatcom County Fire District 4 and North Whatcom Fire District have not merged, why is a fire chief from Whatcom Fire District explaining this increase in taxes? Where are the fire commissioners? Paid union fire fighters promoting tax increases sounds like the tail wagging the dog to this former 10-year fire commissioner (volunteer) of Whatcom County Fire District 4.

Duane Johnson


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