Says her slate will make good decisions


The coal terminal will bring a sudden surge in construction that I believe will taper off to an actual work force of less than 200 employees. Meanwhile jobs in our billion-dollar fishing, tourism, and agricultural industries are threatened by the potential effects of 48 -54 million tons of coal as it travels up our coastlines and in our inland waters. This is a scary tradeoff.

County Council members will make the decision on permits for the coal terminal after careful review of the environmental impact statement. I urge you to vote for candidates who have the expertise to understand these documents and who can make the difficult decisions on whether the adverse effects can be mitigated.

We need council members who will stop making decisions that end up in the courts costing us thousands of wasted dollars. We need council members who have proven they can create good, family wage jobs. We need council members who will listen and consider ideas from all sides of the political spectrum and make good decisions based on what is best for all the citizens of Whatcom County.

I believe these candidates fit the criteria: Rud Browne, Carl Weimer, Ken Mann and Barry Buchanan.

Jayne Freudenberger


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