Voting for slate to bring jobs to town


Whatcom County is mostly a children exporter. We raise'um, pay dearly to educate'um but lacking local family supporting jobs, our children mostly go elsewhere seeking jobs. No parent wants this!

The "progressive coalition" all claim they will fight for family supporting jobs but anyone considering their big outside anti-growth campaign donations and endorsers I believe will realizes their goal is exactly the opposite! When push comes to shove, I believe they will vote their endorser's/donor's wishes.

In 1991, I ran for county council and if elected - I would have been the 4-3 "swing vote" favoring common-sense votes that would have resulted in 5,000 family supporting jobs. Instead -- in those 4 years, my opponent's 4-3 anti-growth vote lost those direct family supporting jobs and 3 times that many indirect jobs.

Examples: 4-3 voting down a pier project similar to the proposed GPT, and many other good family job projects, including the Custer Freight Terminal, the North B'ham G. C. 2500 retired homes, the ReComp Medical Waste/Composting projects, Blaine Film Studio and many others.

I believe a "progressive slate" vote will insure exporting your children (and grand children) to live and work elsewhere. Instead, vote for a common-sense coalition who will balance environmental concerns while gaining family supporting jobs - vote Knutzen, Kershner, Elenbaas, Luke, Robbins, Bell and Petree.

Gerrit Kuiken


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