Trusts Knutzen for County Counci


If you knew Bill Knutzen like I do, I wouldn't have to write this. But many of you may not, so, I trust Bill with my life. The most important thing for me in the world is trust. It isn't what someone says. It is what he does. How he lives his life. Whether he would listen to me. Could I maybe get him to change his mind on something really important to me? Or maybe he could get me to change my thinking, too. The bottom line is trust. If I can't trust someone, then I can't believe in him.

I have seen too many politicians. I am sick of them all. But Bill isn't a politician. He is a kind-hearted man who has so many times put other people before himself. He does so much for others that most people don't even know about.

I am sure all politicians want people to think they are like that. Bill doesn't take the time to think before helping. It is all about trust. It really doesn't matter what someone says.

I am just one of many people who trust Bill. I believe he doesn't know how to be dishonest, which is the biggest plus in the dishonest world of politics.

Thank you Bill Knutzen for all you do for so many.

I am proud to have a man like Bill for Whatcom County Council.

Vote Bill Knutzen!

Daleen Weidkamp


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