Arts education stances available


School board candidates are in the unique position to implement and fund important academic policies, including arts education, that improve the quality and delivery of academic instruction to students.

To learn more about school board candidates' positions on arts education, Allied Arts of Whatcom County, in partnership with Arts Ed Washington, has invited Whatcom County school board candidates to respond to an arts education survey. Candidates' responses can be found by visiting If your candidates have not yet responded, now is the time to send candidates a reminder so they know how important this issue is to their voters.

Numerous research studies show that students with regular opportunities for involvement in the arts have significantly improved academic performance over those students with few arts education opportunities. Yet, arts education, including music, dance, drama and visual arts, has taken a "back of the room" seat in classrooms for far too long. Voters can change this by supporting a strong arts education program for all Whatcom County school districts this election cycle and throughout the academic year.

Voters should not take voting lightly when it comes to this year's school board elections. Make an informed choice by visiting

Barbara Vz Howard


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