Concerned coal export won't last


Pro-coal terminal groups and local political candidates who support building the terminal state they are just concerned about the local economy. If they are so worried, they should pay attention to the Wall Street Journal (Sept. 22, 2013). The WSJ states that China's demand for coal is waning, and that "most of the coal that Chinese utilities are likely to buy in the future will be local." A huge coal terminal with no place to ship coal would be an enormous expense and risk to our local economy, besides being an embarrassing boondoggle. Through strategic financial "generosity," I believe SSA Marine has been busy trying to garner support from local groups, individuals and candidates. If you are truly concerned about jobs and the economy, make sure you vote for responsible County Council candidates like Browne, Buchanan, Mann and Wiemer, who I believe instead support local businesses and prudent economic development.

Kate Clark


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