Says I-522 about right to know


When slick "Vote No on 522" flyers hit my mailbox, I got curious and looked for more information. I believe the flyers were intentionally confusing the very important issue of genetically modified organism labeling. I found:

At least 64 countries, including the EU, Japan, India, and even Russia and China require GMO labeling, and some have even stronger restrictions.

I-522 needn't cause higher prices. It simply requires labels, and manufacturers already change packaging regularly. (And the EU reports that labeling in Europe has not caused higher prices.)

I-522 is not "badly written." Rather, I believe it is written so carefully to withstand court challenges that it scares Monsanto cabal.

Hundreds of real Washington farmers are supporting I-522.

I-522's exceptions simply conform to existing food labeling practices and common sense.

I believe Monsanto and junk-food makers are spending a record $17 million trying to distract and confuse voters with misleading charges. They hope we're too stupid or lazy to look for the truth.

I-522 is not about banning GMOs, or controlling their use in any way. I believe it is simply about mothers' and other consumers' right to know what we and our children are eating. What do 64 other countries know that Monsanto and friends don't want us to know?

Ken Kaliher


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