Smith supported for leadership


Please join us as we vote to re-elect Dr. Steve Smith to the Bellingham School Board.

As retired school board members, we know that the well-being of a school district is critical not only to our students but to our community. Choosing Smith, who has served our district for four years, ensures continued proven leadership and a depth of knowledge that has been honed professionally and to our benefit.

Steve Smith has shown us that he represents all 10,600 children and those to come by making that personal connection with students, not just during crises, but on a continual basis as he focuses on the needs of our school community. His level of professionalism is a testament to his 20 years in the classroom, educating young leaders in business, accounting and finance. As we deal with funding and growth issues, Steve's knowledge of district operations and his willingness to assume leadership responsibilities assure us that the district will continue to move forward with concern for all students, staff and facilities.

Vote experience.

Vote Steve Smith.

Elaine Lynch and Ann Whitmyer


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