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Aspects surrounding the Gateway Pacific Terminal are quite predictable.

I believe those who will make a ton of money from GPT (Goldman Sachs, SSA, and BNSF), or receive money from them (Rick Larson) are for it. Those who will be impacted (Native Americans, people that rely on fishing and tourism, and essentially all communities along the transportation route) are against it.

The corporations tell people to "not judge GPT until the impact statements are in," yet they are fully promoting it before those impacts are known. They say that there is a process to ensure that there will be no problems. Yet when it is announced that the impacts will actually be examined by the Department of Ecology and Whatcom County, they complain that the impacts should not be evaluated.

Forty-six million tons of coal, to be burned each year, would make a pile that would completely bury downtown Seattle. I believe this would produce more pollution than all other activity in Washington combined, and would completely undo all of our other efforts to curb pollution.

If GPT is built, I believe we will have the "honor" of being responsible for more pollution than any other county in the nation, turning Whatcom County into the armpit of the United States.

Vote for people who I believe will protect our jobs and resources, and not pander to remote huge Wall Street corporations. Vote for Rud Browne, Barry Buchanan, Kan Mann, and Carl Weimer.

Greg Wolgamot


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