Retired educators say bond important


We are saddened by opposition to the Bellingham School District bond issue, and particularly that much of it seems to come out of the Larrabee school decision. Anyone who has been in Sehome High School in recent years is well aware of the need for replacement of that facility for the benefit of all who study or work there. Less obvious may be the need for replacement or at least rebuilding of the Roeder administrative building. Many years ago the district facilities manager, a FEMA-certified engineer, notified us that there were buildings in the district that would pancake in the event of a significant earthquake. Lowell and Larrabee have been retrofitted to protect the inhabitants. Roeder has not. Every day, those who work in or visit that building are at risk, and it is imperative that the situation be addressed. The turf fields make educational and economic sense. The condition of the fields in question during inclement weather renders them unusable - or unsafe - for use in PE classes or for athletics, and up-keep is expensive. Those opposing the bond issue seem not too unlike the Tea Party representatives who use hostage-taking in response to not getting their way. The issues - especially the welfare of our students and staff - are too important for this. As retired educators with a combined 69 years in the Bellingham School District, we ask that you vote yes.

Ken and Vicky Marshall


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