Voting to bring green jobs to Whatcom


I am voting for Rud Brown, Carl Weimer, Ken Mann and Barry Buchanan for county counsel. As I watch as our federal representatives takes a week vacation after Ted Cruz and the House Republicans closed down the government to get what they wanted, to repeal "Obamacare." They voted over 40 times in the past two years to repeal this law passed and validated by the Supreme Court. At a cost of $1 million per vote, $40 million was wasted since they knew the Senate would not pass the bill. Wasting that money was for political theater, not about saving money. Now Cruz is claiming a win because he has the base excited (money flows in). So after wasting million dollars, they just wasted over $25 billion (GDP spending) dollars closing our government down. Who won?

I truly believe that now is more important than ever to vote locally for County Council members that will look out for us, not politics or money. Brown, Buchanan, Weimer and Mann are men can work to bring jobs to the county while looking out for our environment. Farmers, manufacturers, homeowners; everyone needs clean air and enough water to live. If we allow big corporations to build businesses that will risk the amount of clean water we have and the air we breathe, then who will really benefit from the couple hundred jobs? The county can be a model for green industry, with our wind, water, and innovative resources. Vote.

Amy Glasser


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