Says slate provides skills for council


The upcoming County Council election will have profound impacts on our quality of life. The choice is clear. We can either elect council members who will pursue what I believe to be the destructive land use and anti-regulation policies of the Tea Party, or candidates who I believe have demonstrated their commitment to smart growth, clean energy, environmental stewardship and protecting our strong agricultural economy.

I am supporting Ken Mann, Carl Weimer, Rud Browne and Barry Buchanan. These are the candidates that will "right-size" the new county jail, protect Lake Whatcom, help create green jobs, balance community needs and private property interests, and consider all the impacts of the proposed coal terminal.

Ken Mann brings to the council the experience and skills of a civil engineer, businessman and dedicated community volunteer.

Carl Weimer is a national expert on pipeline safety and former director of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities.

Rud Browne supports vital community organizations and created hundreds of jobs through his award-winning sustainable business.

Barry Buchanan is a former Bellingham council member, a small-business owner and worked for Lockheed on important projects like the Space Shuttle.

These are the experienced people we need to make the thoughtful decisions that will guide our county. Please join me in voting for Mann, Weimer, Brown and Buchanan.

Kent Stoddard


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