Supports food labeling initiative


The opponents of Initiative 522 spend millions of dollars telling us to "get the facts." Ironically, but not surprisingly, I believe they omit the facts themselves. i.e. that this is a consumer-endorsed proposition to have the choice to buy and consume food based on accurate food labeling.

The fact is that the opponents are the pesticide and herbicide manufacturers (Montesano) that continue to develop and genetically modify seeds and plants to accept their products. I believe this is a threat to their profitability it has everything to do with confusing consumers and threatening us with higher food prices. European countries have long demanded accurate labeling so as consumers they can make a choice. They have not fallen prey to to onslaught of money and power I believe these chemical companies wield.

Please do get the real facts behind 522 and vote accordingly. Don't let their warm and fuzzy advertising and threats disguise what I believe is the negative impact on our food chain, ecosystems and our physical well being behind closed doors.

It is a basic human right to know exactly what we are putting into our bodies a decision that should be made by individuals, not corporations. Vote yes on 522.

Brad Johnson


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