Says slate has job creation experience


It seems pretty much everyone in the race for Whatcom County Council consistently claims a commitment to effective job creation. The question for voters who care about creating family wage jobs is simple - who actually has the experience to deliver?

A recent report in a local news magazine revealed that the combined small business experience of Rud Browne, Carl Weimer, Barry Buchanan and Ken Mann resulted in more than 40 times the job creation of their opponents. That's right: these four candidates together have created 40 times as many new jobs as their opponents combined.

In general, Whatcom County enjoys a lower unemployment rate than the rest of the state, but this wasn't always the case. Under what I believe was an extremist Republican County Council in the 1990s, Whatcom County consistently suffered worse unemployment than Washington as a whole. Luckily, this trend was reversed when more responsible county officials were elected in the early 2000s - something we hope to repeat this November by electing a council that has real-life experience creating jobs to back up their promises.

Please join your friends and neighbors in supporting the candidates with real life experience creating jobs. Cast your vote for Rud Browne, Carl Weimer, Barry Buchanan and Ken Mann by Nov. 5.

Matt Petryni


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