Unhappy with partisan election


Members of the County Council who are seeking re-election should be talking about their accomplishments rather than brandishing their party affiliation in what is supposed to be a non-partisan race. Of course, council member Kershner would have to acknowledge what I believe to be her failure to fulfill her oath of office, which requires that she uphold the laws of Washington state. Instead, she chooses to defy our state's Growth Management Act and vote to spend our tax dollars on high-priced Seattle attorneys in a losing effort to support her belief (and that of other council members) that Whatcom County's planning and development regulations are exempt from compliance with this state law. Kershner could be bragging about how she voted for the creation of the 8800-acre Lake Whatcom Watershed Park, but most likely she is hoping those affiliated with her party forget she did that. I think Kershner's got things turned around. She should be embarrassed about ignoring her oath and defying state law and proud of her successful support of the conversion of forestland into the new watershed park.

Virginia Watson


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