Reminds voters to mark their ballots


Once again the signs are sprouting up all over the county telling us it is time for we the citizens to put on our thinking caps and go to work for our democracy. In this country it is our right and duty to vote. If we choose not to vote we give up our voice, the only thing we have to let our government know who we want to represent us and how we want them to act in our name. This is an "off year election." In the last "off year election" 2011, only 59 percent of registered voters actually cast ballots. How do these elected officials truly represent us when so few of us are choosing them?

Please find out about the candidates and what they stand for. Go to forums and see the candidates and hear about the issues. Think about what and who would be best for Whatcom County. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our neighbors to educate ourselves on this election and to vote.

After doing this research, I have concluded that the right people to put in these important offices are Rud Browne, Carl Weimer, Ken Mann, and Barry Buchanan for County Council. For the port commissioner's positions, Mike McAuley has done an excellent job for us already and should continue at his post. Renata Kowalczyk will be a great addition to the commission. And a yes vote on I-522 GMO Labeling!

Make sure your voice is heard. Get educated and vote!

Linda Schonborn


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