Unhappy with anarchist view


Reading references to the Tea Party as anarchists in The Bellingham Herald, I looked up anarchism and discovered the following: Egoist anarchism is a school of anarchist thought that originated in the philosophy of German philosopher Max Stirner, (1806 -1856). The egoist has no political calling but rather "lives themselves out" without regard to "how well or ill humanity may fare thereby." Stirner wanted to "abolish not only the state but also society as an institution responsible for its members."

We usually think of anarchists as fighting in the streets with masks (WTO Seattle), but holding a government for ransom because of personal opinion and demagogy fits the profile too.

Considering that President Obama was re-elected because of his Affordable Care Act, Congress approved the act, the courts upheld the act and the majority of Americans want the act, it appears to me that the Tea Party apparently stands for The Egoist Anarchist party. Even Rep. Boehner has had it with these people who are bringing down the whole GOP and country with their "dig in your heels" anti-democratic stance on not running the country.

Enough of this manipulation! We are supposed to be a Democratic Republic.

Donna Starr


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