Backs Kowalczyk for port commission


With two out of three commissioners up for election at the port, your vote is critical.

Whatcom County has about 96,000 jobs today. The number has not changed in three years. Zero job growth! 7,000 people unemployed, and several thousand more who have given up or run out of benefits. Whatcom County's wages are 25 percent lower than the state average.

This persistent lack of job growth dramatically effects tax receipts and business revenues, and real estate prices. Lack of jobs demoralizes families. Putting these folks back to work and paying taxes, I believe should be goal No. 1 for our economy and our port.

Job growth is the port's job, and this is not a record of success.

I believe our port has been focused on beautification, creating a few low-paying tourism and retail jobs. Good-paying jobs are sometimes dirty.

Bellingham's waterfront is gong to absorb all the port's focus and money. The port is insistent on building a $65 million marina for large yachts, and selling land for luxury condos. Yachts and condos which the vast majority taxpayers cannot afford. We need good-paying jobs throughout the county, and knowledge of economics is the key to directing the port's efforts.

Port candidate Renata Kowalczyk has a MBA from the prestigious Columbia University with an emphasis in economics and accounting. Her education is perfect for effective job creation.

Join me in voting for Renata.

Doug Karlberg


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