Says we all contribute to government


The government has been shutdown to save us from socialism. To save us from being forced by government to contribute our hard-earned money to others, and not just pay our own way. It has been shutdown to save our freedom.

Huh. Who pays for the defense of this country, or I-5, or the fire department, or the courthouse, or the post office?

Well, you and I pay, and we do so every year. Do we have a choice? None at all. We are all forced to pay for these things whether we personally benefit or not.

And we do pay, year after year. We pay for these things because we cannot achieve the same security, or mobility, or safety, or justice, or convenience, or freedom if we did not all join together and contribute to the common good of society as a whole.

You have a problem with socialism? Well then, tell us how that feels the next time you are proud of your son's Army service, or you drive to Seattle, or your house catches fire, or you are called for jury duty, or the next time you mail a letter.

Come on people. This is a county, not some junior high school Dutch-date.

Dave Weed


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