Concerned about neighborhood traffic


I believe the intersection of Cordata Parkway and Stuart Road is increasingly hazardous. Stuart Road has stop signs, but Cordata Parkway is unrestricted. The Public Works Department admits that volume at this intersection is "twice as high" as the Horton/Cordata intersection, but the Stuart/Cordata intersection has neither the four-way stop nor the crosswalks provided at Horton.

Pedestrians and drivers making left turns are at particular risk. Speeding on the parkway is common and visibilities are limited by curves and trees.

Traffic volume is growing constantly. Whatcom Community College opened a new academic building on the southeast corner. Four other offices operate on Stuart east of the parkway. A string of multi-unit senior housing buildings lines Stuart Road west of the parkway.

I believe Public Works does not want to place stop signs on Cordata Parkway for fear of traffic delays. It does not want to pay for a traffic signal. It does not want to install crosswalks. The city smiles on business growth (Cordata Village), campus expansion, new housing (on June and Tremont), and road extensions (June, Cordata). However, it does not provide the will or the resources to put the brakes on a dangerously overburdened intersection. As the city procrastinates and traffic volume increases, so does the probability of harm. Please, restore sanity to our (formerly) residential neighborhood.

Gregory Karam


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