Wants change on Ferndale council


The Ferndale City Council is mostly comprised of council members who in my opinion, support developers and business owners at the expense of the home owners and others living in Ferndale. We have slowly returned to the days of the former mayor who I believe allowed developers to have the city coffers paying costs that should be borne by developers, not taxpayers. I believe citizens of Ferndale need to cast their ballots for new candidates for city council unless you approve of tax increases to help the city fill its coffers being depleted by developers passing on their costs. Council members have lowered developer costs time and time again. Who makes up that lost revenue? Ferndale residents.

For example, on Oct. 7 the city council members passed a utility tax hike to the tune of 9 percent. They claim it will be neutral but I believe as time goes on and water, sewer, storm water charges increase so will revenue from these increased taxes. This is just one example. Stay tuned, I believe they also want to increase your property taxes next, without a vote of the citizens. Council voted five to two to impose the tax increase while denying citizens a chance to vote on imposing a gas tax to fix streets.

If you think Ferndale is better than four years ago; vote in the incumbents. If you think it's worse, time for new candidates. If the city isn't any better in two more years then vote out the rest of us, including me!

Keith M. Olson


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