Suggests vote, bond on coal port


The present log jam in Washington D.C. and the name calling of many of the leading politicians and media caused me to reflect on the long-running war over the coal port issue in this area. These examples of a winner-take-all attitude is, I believe a profound weakness in our country. I suggest a possible solution to the coal port issue that would be a partial win or loss to both sides.

With two government agencies now involved and endless bickering of public relations efforts on both sides, here is my suggestion to possibly put an end to this issue. I suggest that all the accrued costs of the company in this project be put on the negotiating table including any tax or other factors involved and a public bond issue or other means of reimbursing the project sponsors. In this approach, there would be no winners or losers, rather both sides would be partial losers. The coal port developer would, in contrast, not absorb all loses in case of a negative result for the project and the opponents would contribute a discounted contribution to end the the project with finality. Perhaps this would be a useful lesson to the politicians in Washington D.C.

Norman Grossman


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