Youth get chance to learn hockey


The Whatcom County Amateur Hockey Association invites boys and girls ages 4 to 9 years old to The Bellingham Sportsplex at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, for a free Try Hockey clinic, which will teach the basics of hockey in a safe environment.

Try Hockey For Free Day is part of Come Play Hockey Month. This program, designed to provide youth hockey associations a national platform to introduce new kids to the sport, is a joint effort between USA Hockey, the National Hockey League, and NHL member clubs.

Following the clinic will be a WCAHA Mites Play Hockey, a three week, six hour primer into hockey. Equipment and certified coaches will be provided.

Lake Padden results

The Memorial

Sept. 21

Division I

1st gross: Paul Berube, 73

2nd gross: Vince Crocker, 75; Craig Johnson, 75

1st net: Darren Smith, 69*

2nd net: Cam Frick, 69; Mark Smith, 69; Dave Stamm, 69

Division II

1st gross: Jay Tinker, 75

2nd gross: Darrell Butz, 79

3rd gross: Peter Christopher, 82

1st net: Ken Gunning, 67

2nd net: Stu Laing, 69

3rd net: Mark Olsen, 70

Division III

1st gross: Steve Epperson, 81

2nd gross: George Willet, 83

3rd gross: Steve Berkompas, 88

1st net: Brad Peterson, 67

2nd net: Joe Treat, 70

3rd net: Bill Luchinski, 70

*Won scorecard playoff

Mountain biking itesm on the Third Annual Shoot the Trails movie/photo contest and the Cascadia Dirt Cup removed on Oct. 22, because dates were incorrect and events had already passed.

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