Asks support for school bond


I hope when you see the school bond on your ballot this November that you will not hesitate to vote yes. I believe it is the right thing to do. Given time, I could overwhelm you with the details of the bond - where and how the money will be spent - but the bottom line is that the money will help every student in the Bellingham School District.

I have read about how the money will be allocated. I have watched videos demonstrating the dire need for different facilities projects. I've had in-depth discussions about the viability of alternatives. Armed with all of this information, I can tell you with absolute sincerity that I trust the dedicated group of citizens who developed the priorities in this bond. Are there other priorities? Do our schools need more than a furnace that functions? You bet! And when that bond comes up for a vote, I will not hesitate to sign on.

Today's students deserve the same kind of fresh and pride-inspiring facilities that the kindergarteners entering Happy Valley in 1956 or Sehome in 1966 experienced. This community answered the call back then. It's time to step up again and help the students in our community. Please join me in supporting the bond.

Priscilla Brotherton


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