Backs slate for County Council


Whatcom County has an important election coming up, and I realize it's also a time to send a clear message that we are tired of the current County Council wasting our tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits. The current council has voted several times to fight the Growth Management Act; as a result I believe they have squandered thousands of our tax dollars fighting losing battles. This act was passed in 1990, and it was designed to save taxpayers' money by steering growth into areas that were less expensive to serve than allowing growth to occur any and everywhere (sprawl).

Carl Weimer consistently spoke against such wastefulness in government spending. He has been a champion for common sense decision making, and has never been beholden to any special interest. I believe he is the voice of reason on this council, and deserves to be re-elected.

Ken Mann has also been proactive in looking out for the community's best interest. He has advocated for protecting Lake Whatcom, sustaining our emergency management system, and a strong supporter of the Humane Society.

Rud Browne and Barry Buchanan have both been involved in civic issues, committed to listening to all sides and using their intelligence to make mindful decisions, they will be a much improved addition to the Whatcom County Council. Please vote for Carl Weimer, Ken Mann, Rud Browne and Barry Buchanan, they are the best qualified to do the job.

Laurie Caskey-Schreiber


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