Unhappy with state's health care website


I am now 100 percent anti-Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare," as I believe are most folks that have responded to surveys about this huge Democrat Party-created law with its thousands of pages of rules and regulations. I call it the Unaffordable Care Act.

My wife and I once paid $2,076 per year for my retiree health coverage plan (for years); then $4,743 in 2012; and now $7,317 in 2013; for less coverage! Anyone want to guess why the Unaffordable Care Act has not reduced our premiums the past few years?

So, we decided to try the WAHealthPlanFinder.com "exchange" website, just to see if it might offer my wife and me "affordable" coverage, as promised by many Democrats. But, what do we find out when we get there? It does not work. First the county field was malfunctioning. Then it wanted to force us to create an account just to view any coverage options. Finally, a few days later, this was fixed.

Now, after gaining access to offered options, the lowest "GroupHealth Bronze" plan has an annual cost of $9,808 (for a married couple like us with $70,000 a year income), for even worse coverage than our already high-deductible plan.

I have been an IT and business analyst for 35 years and I find this to be a socialist, state-run system that is one of the biggest consumer jokes I have ever come across. And Democrats complain about the "terrorist Tea Party" Republicans? Surprise, surprise.

Thanks D.C. Democrats.

Charles K. Jessup


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