Supports Browne for County Council


I recently had the opportunity to work closely with Rud Browne on the successful transfer of 8,844 acres in the Lake Whatcom Watershed from state to local control. I was very impressed by Rud's openness, energy, intelligence, thoughtfulness, sense of fairness and respect for the ideas of others. It is easy to see in Rud the characteristics that enabled him to build a highly successful business employing hundreds of people. For him, growing the economy and protecting the environment are not incompatible. Rather, they support one another.

Rud will make decisions based on information and common sense, not ideology. He will listen to the diverse voices of Whatcom County, not just the shrill voice of a rigid minority. Washington D.C. has shown us what happens when an ideological minority takes over the government. We don't need that in Whatcom County.

The County Council will make the most important decision for Whatcom County, particularly Bellingham, in the next four years, and likely the next four decades. Having Rud Browne on the council will be a huge upgrade in terms of the skills, qualities and experience necessary to make an informed, thoughtful, common sense decision that respects the voices of a majority of our community.

Please join me in voting for Rud Brown for County Council.

Rand Jack


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