Rant: Sign petition to rewrite guidelines for chronic Lyme disease


I am writing on behalf of the many victims of chronic Lyme disease; in particular, the Loreen family of Bellingham. The mother and her kids struggle every day; what is considered normal life for most - career, school, sports - is impossible due to their battle with the disease. Their tragic story, starting with a seemingly innocuous tick bite over a decade ago, pulls on our heart strings.

However, the reason for this letter is not sympathy, but a call to action. Currently, the Infectious Diseases Society of America does not recognize the chronic phase of Lyme disease (the acute phase is recognized with accompanying treatment options). The chronic phase of Lyme is not well understood, and no widely accepted treatments exist. Very little research has been done. The lack of "official acceptance" means medical insurance may not cover patients with chronic Lyme, research money is not being funneled towards understanding the condition, and families hold little hope for a solution.

Please sign a lymedisease.org petition demanding a rewriting of guidelines at lymedisease.org.

People are suffering immeasurably with chronic Lyme. It is imperative that the Infectious Diseases Society of America get behind helping people.

- John Chesbrough of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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