Concerned lawmakers allowed to speed


Why is it that lawmaker's are exempt from getting a speeding ticket 15 days prior and while they are in session in the state of Washington? The Washington State Police Department states that they will not issue tickets to lawmakers during this time. On King 5 News a broadcast was aired on how lawmakers don't have a license to speed, although they are allowed to by the WSP. My question is; how is it fair that they don't get speeding tickets, but everyone else can? There is no reason for them being able to speed. The police are here to keep our roads safe, however; they can't do a very good job at it by not playing fair. I have slept in before causing me to be late to work and in a rush to get there. Yes, I got pulled over and got a ticket which made me even more late. Then along comes a person who creates our laws flying down the road, yet, it doesn't matter that they are breaking the law. Shouldn't the people who make theses laws in our state know better, but even bigger than that, shouldn't they be setting an example for the rest of the people? Shouldn't they be trying to make Washington better, instead they are above the law?

Kailey Burchard


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