Rejects bond for district offices


It's getting close to Christmas, and I believe the Bellingham School District bond amounts to a greedy wish list.

Sixty percent of the $160 million they are asking for ($220 million with principle and interest) will be spent in one neighborhood: Happy Valley. Other schools that rated lower are not even part of this bond.

Why is spending over $10 million renovating district offices for administrators necessary? In addition, taxpayers still owe $59 million from the 2007 bond.

Our children aren't desperate for huge schools and perfect spaces. There is a place for small, neighborhood, character-filled schools, although our "Facilities Planning Task Force" would have you believe otherwise.

As children ourselves years ago, we didn't care that our gym and cafeteria were one space. We actually looked forward to helping the custodian pack away the lunch tables and mop the gym floor for a chance to choose a treat from his candy bucket.

We learned the connection between work and reward; one of the most valuable lessons a young child can learn.

Our city needs a focused bond that benefits our students. Vote no on the proposed school bond and send our officials back to the drawing board.

Jen Karuza Schile


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