ELECTION VIEW: Bersch ready to watch budget, see Ferndale grow


I am running for Ferndale City Council, Position 6. I firmly believe the citizens of Ferndale deserve leadership that has the community's best interest foremost in their minds. If elected, I will be one who will always make decisions in the best interests of the city, our citizens and our future. I have a strong economic mindset for development while maintaining a gatekeeper's attitude about taxpayers' dollars. I am an advocate for the sustainability of small business and helping those businesses thrive as they bring revenue and jobs into the community. I really want to see downtown Ferndale grow into a fun, family oriented community.

As a business owner on Main Street, Carol's Cake Designs, I live and work at trying to grow a business in Ferndale. I am committed to seeing the downtown area continue to grow and improve. We have a small community with a nice mix of businesses, farming and industry. I would like to see more artists and family oriented type shops. I especially am looking forward to the new library.

The coal terminal is a huge concern for all of us but we want to make sure we don't get the worst of all worlds. A lot of coal trains taking coal to Canada for shipment.

The budget: I am a fiscal conservative. The national economy has not recovered and we need to be careful about borrowing. We don't want another downturn and then need to raise taxes to pay debt, or lay people off because we can't pay our bills. I have years (40 years) of budget and financial accounting experience working for three major university systems.

Parks and recreation are important. As people are busier and population grows, we need places to take our kids, enjoy outdoor activities, sports, etc.

Roads are one of the primary responsibilities of the city. We have to watch that the budget that could go to road maintenance isn't eaten up by other items.

I believe in the power of a community to come together and have their voices heard. I believe anyone with passion, dedication and courage can change the status quo. I believe you, your neighbor, friend, relative can make a difference -- and this all begins in our own neighborhood.

My platform is simple - listening and creating open and transparent dialogue to the issues surrounding our community. I do not have an agenda. My plan is to see what is presented before me, provide the complete information to the community, and voice my opinion regardless of potential backlash or unpopularity.


Carol Bersch is one of two challengers for Ferndale City Council, Position 6, which is open with Lloyd Zimmerman not seeking re-election. Vote-by-mail ballots will be mailed Oct. 19 and the general election is Nov. 5.

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