Supports work of jail deputies


At the Sept. 26 public comment meeting about the draft environmental review for the proposed new replacement jail and sheriff's offices in Ferndale, a Bellingham City Council candidate made what I believe are erroneous and outrageous claims. Candidate Bob Burr stated that the guards in the jail "act like goons." This is just not true. Over the past 12 years, I have volunteered thousands of hours in the jail. During that time, I have witnessed countless acts of compassion by the officers and sergeants to inmates in need. Their motto is "firm, fair and consistent." They live that motto in a dangerous and depressing place that is occupied by many unreasonable people. I admire these professionals for their high morale and sensitivity to the needs of others.

A vote for a man who will distort the truth that easily is to vote for a man who uses distortion and deception to make his point.

Ray Baribeau


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