Lynden Christian's Ball wins girls' cross country race at Lake Lap Invite


Sarah Ball of Lynden Christian's girls' cross country team won the Lake Lap Invitational on Thursday, Oct. 17, at Lake Padden.

Ball finished the 2.6-mile course in 17 minutes, 12.9 seconds, just under 14 seconds ahead of the second place finisher.

Jillian Anderson of Ferndale took second overall with a time of 17:26.8, and Lynden Christian's McKenzie Young was third at 17:41.7. Lynden was led by Grace Sauter, who finished with a time of 18:13.7. Crystal Cochrane led Bellingham with a time of 17:58.7.

The Northwest Conference Girls' Cross Country Championships take place at 4:40 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24.

Lake Lap Invitational At Lake Padden

2.6 miles

Top individual finishers: 1. Sarah Ball (Lynden Christian) 17:12.9; 2. Jillian Anderson (Ferndale)17:26.8; 3. McKenzie Young (Lynden Christian) 17:41.7

Lynden Christian: Ball 17:12.9; Young 17:41.7; Julia Morris 17:45.7; Kara Veldman 17:52.7; Ally Visser 18:32.7; Brooke Berendsen 19:04; Brianna Rutgers 19:16.1.

Ferndale: Anderson 17:26.8; Jana Peterson 18:00.4; Laura Tkacsik 18:11.7; Gabby Llanos 18:44.9; Katherine Chamblin 18:58.4; Kathryn Vajda 19:10.0; Mikaela Hernandez 19:16.4.

Lynden: Grace Sauter 18:13.7; Alex Schulhauser 19:53.0; Frances Sauter 19:54.2; Morgan Nims 22:02.6; Cynthia Anker 22:03.4; Danika Miedema 22:47.7.

Bellingham: Crystal Cochrane 17:58.7; Sophia Laws 18:02.6; Makayla Stahl 18:02.8; Molly Dole 18:24.8; Hanna Chappell 18:26.5; Maura Schaefer 19:05.2; Emma Much 19:13.0.

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