Asks city to fund all of new park


I want to thank the City Council for working with the community to protect Chuckanut Ridge, aka the "Hundred Acre Woods" - an ecologically unique area providing important habitat, a critical wildlife corridor and natural water management through its wetlands. It also has special intrinsic value to the many 'Hamsters who find refuge in its quiet forest. I tell friends from other places: our city parks are like state parks everywhere else. Many of the people here truly appreciate living in a place where we prioritize these kinds of things above profit and "progress."

Negotiations are underway regarding final payment options. I know times are difficult, but I encourage the council to do all they can to help protect the whole of this property against development. The council obviously has to balance a variety of interests and needs, but I would hope that preservation of this ecologically and socially significant forest might be prioritized. It is an important part of Bellingham's legacy that we hand down to future generations. My 12-year-old son has always enjoyed going on adventures with me in the "magical" Hundred Acre Woods. Wouldn't it be nice if he could someday do the same with his own child.

Those of us living near the park have already agreed to help shoulder the load a bit. I am optimistic that the council will continue to be a helpful and supportive partner.

Korry Harvey


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