Felon gets prison for Bellingham WinCo robbery over hair trimmer, batteries


BELLINGHAM - The theft of a hair trimmer and batteries - worth less than $20 - will put a Skagit County man in prison for 15 months because he attacked employees on his way out of the Bellingham WinCo.

It's the seventh time Kristopher Ledent, 31, has been convicted of a felony.

On the night of Aug. 15, Ledent stuck a hair trimmer and batteries into his pockets and walked out of the store without paying, according to court records. A man and a woman working security tried to stop him. He pushed the 29-year-old woman down. Ledent shoved the man, 27, with both hands and punched him under his chin. Ledent tried to escape, but the man caught up and "took him to the ground," according to charging papers.

It was the employees' first shift at the Bellingham WinCo; the store at 300 E. Bellis Fair Parkway was celebrating its opening day.

Two counts of felony assault and a first-degree robbery charge were dropped in a plea deal. Instead, Ledent pleaded guilty in Whatcom County Superior Court to second-degree robbery. He was transferred this week to a state prison in Shelton to serve a sentence of one year and three months. He's eligible to serve that time in work camp.

Court paperwork lists his past convictions: driving under the influence, residential burglary, motor vehicle theft, first-degree theft, first-degree escape, bail jumping and second-degree burglary. Other than a burglary in 2008, all of those crimes were committed in the '90s.

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