Worried Democrats will create crisis


I believe liberal myths have been ingrained in the minds of the general public for decades, and one of the greatest of those myths is that Republicans are war mongers and Democrats are doves.

To me the far left are genetically programmed to seek power over others and are perpetually angry hard-core fascists. Think environmentalism and "global warming" ... think anti-gun fanaticism ... think annihilation of free speech ... think "pro-choice." Think of anything that underscores their addiction to causes that result in taking more liberties away from individuals and giving more power to government.

I believe that over the past hundred years, Democrats, by and large, have been the party of war: Woodrow Wilson, World War I ... FDR, World War II ... Harry Truman, the Korean War ... JFK, a "police action" that became the Vietnam War, which was executed by LBJ.

Had World War II not presented FDR with a ready-made crisis, I believe he would have kept the U.S. in the throes of the Great Depression through never-ending, economy-killing government make-work programs and draconian taxes on producers. But the war changed everything for FDR by taking people's minds off their economic misery.

So, Syria or no Syria, look for a phony international crisis to magically appear in the near future.

Wayne Farber


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