Backs candidates who support jobs


As a property owner in Bellingham, I have concerns with the gradual increase in property taxes. A new tax for affordable housing, then a tax to buy a park, and now the school district's hand is out again asking for a new school administration building. Always the argument is: "it's just a small increase.... pennies a month." The reality is that Bellingham has a poverty rate of 22.6 percent as opposed to the statewide average of 12.5 percent. We need jobs!

Why then would the Whatcom Democrats and the four candidates for County Council that they manage pass a resolution to "support the rejection of all industrial, commercial and residential uses of the remaining natural lands and waters on and adjacent to Cherry Point."

At some point we need to ask "Who will pay these taxes and with what job?" We need a local government that will empower the ability of local companies to grow and provide the type of jobs that will keep Whatcom County a productive, safe and healthy place to live and work. We want leadership that understands the need to attract new businesses and retain our local industrial, commercial and agricultural businesses.

Please join me on Nov. 5 in voting for Kathy Kershner, Bill Knutzen, Ben Elenbaas and Michelle Luke for County Council and Ken Bell and Dan Robbins for Port of Bellingham commissioners. These candidates support economic development and jobs in our area.

Delaine Clizbe


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