OK with shutdown to stop health care


The affordable care act does not apply to Congress or the IRS or the NSA or even Obama! If the law is passed, it is not easy to just elect a new Congress and president and overrule it. If the care act is so good for the middle class, why is it not good enough for the people that passed it into law? Why did it not go into effect for four years? Why do we have a law that the government gets to pick and choose who has to abide by it? Did you know that some employers may be cutting hours of employees to avoid signing them up for the plan? Are you aware some states have said they will not implement the plan? I believe Delta Airlines has stated that the plan will cost them an additional $100 million next year. I am tired of the politicians arguing over what each party wants and not what the citizens of this country want. Quite a few politicians have said this affordable care act is a train wreck. The government was shut down twice during the Clinton administration so this shut down will not be something we can't survive!

Julian McAllister


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