Silencing loud motorcycles is an idea worth trying

The OlympianOctober 15, 2013 

Many in the motorcycle community know that excessively loud bikes are the bane of responsible riders. The American Motocyclists Association and the Motorcycle Industry Council have created model legislation to regulate and test noisy bikes. Maine adopted the rules earlier this year and other states are considering it.Washington lawmakers should join the party.

Motorcycle manufacturers build their bikes to an 80-decibel standard that meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s sound requirements. But some motorcycle enthusiasts alter their bikes to create a roar that can be heard for miles.

Almost every small town and city has noise ordinances, but they are difficult to enforce. Frankly, South Sound police departments have more important things to do.

A statewide testing program supported by the motorcycle industry may not be a bad idea. It’s worth a try.

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