Concerned about military recruiting


School is in session, which means military personnel will begin recruiting our kids at school. Recruiters appear at lunch hour to pitch teenagers, providing what I believe to be half truths about the benefits of military service, never mentioning the downside. Today a suicide epidemic is sweeping through the ranks; the Pentagon cites an 80 percent increase in suicides from 2002-2009 among active military personnel, a suicide a day. Veterans are committing suicide at a rate of one an hour. As responsible adults we have a duty to guide our children toward healthy and productive lives. I believe unemployment is high among veterans because skills they learn in the military are not applicable in civilian life. Your child deserves better. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires schools to release your family's private information to the military unless you "opt out" in writing. Protect your child by signing an opt out form (available from the school) preventing his/her private information from being given to the military. There are other opportunities for young people to serve their country, learn valuable skills and receive tuition assistance.

Mira Kamada


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