Backs slate for County Council


For the last five years, I have worked professionally in local politics. I ran political campaigns, interviewed candidates and dug through the muddy business that is city and county elections. Of all the politicos, personalities and public servants, Rud Browne is by far on the most capable and experienced candidates I have ever met.

His track record as founder and owner of Ryzex is impressive -- creating over 160 jobs right here in Whatcom County -- but his experience goes so much farther and deeper than that. He brings that big-picture perspective that is so often lacking. Rud Browne takes the long view, examining the future of our community as a whole.

I believe our County Council can be mired in minutia, with Kathy Kershner and Bill Knutzen bending over backwards to appease their extreme Tea Party base, we need a councilman with the judgment and, frankly, the gravitas to get things done. That is why I'm proudly and loudly voting for Rud Browne this year - and I'm electing Barry Buchanan, Carl Weimer and Ken Mann to back him up. Let's say no to extremism and yes to capable, experienced representatives.

J. Riley Sweeney


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