Election View: Hakim offers fresh vision to Ferndale City Council


My candidacy (can' di-da-cy, n, the state of being a candidate) started out with a conversation among friends about our current condition of our city, then to city hall and now we are here on the campaign trail. The research of staff has been favorable which allows facts for the streams of issues facing the city of Ferndale to be very clear. I have learned to understand the culture of the city council. The candidacy will end in November but the culture of the city council will continue. During this candidacy I have set myself to task, to enable me to fit right into council chambers as to allow the flow to continue on as a waterfall. During this candidacy I have decided to use an old standard of shaking hands and putting the question to the citizens of Ferndale on their thoughts about the city. I walk through the downtown area of Ferndale, collecting many obvious thoughts about the issues facing the City of Ferndale.

My vision (vi' sion, v, to see in or as in a vision; to dream) for the Ferndale City Council Position Five is one that goes down the yellow brick road finding the courage and the right tools along the way to work on the current events that are going down and affecting our city. Looking at the problems from a fresh pair of eyes. With courage and the tools we have gained on the yellow brick road we can then materialize again what makes us proud of living and being a citizen in the City of Fendale. I do see as in a vision of the council as a group of individuals who are working as a team. With that said many eyes are good but to have one vision is better. To insure that issues don't fall through the cracks. This takes many eyes which in a good day should all be pointed towards the goal of getting back to a more stable climate, not putting out fires but seeing as if in a vision the hot spots before they take off flaming into the night burning all in its path. This is what my dream holds when elected to the City of Ferndale.


Robert Hakim is the challenger for Ferndale City Council, District 5. Vote-by-mail ballots will be mailed Oct. 19 and the general election is Nov. 5.

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