Suggests shutdown for Congress


Congress hasn't passed a budget in at least four years and now they won't even pass a continuing resolution. And they're going to shut down the government and, to save money, and to put all those folks who run the different departments on furlough. That'll solve it; furlough all the people who are doing their jobs. How about this instead? Let's save money by not paying for the folks who aren't doing their jobs: the Congress. Let's stop funding Congressional travel, make them travel coach and pay for it out of their pocket, let's make them pay for their own stamps and health care, close their barbershops and beauty shops, gyms, chauffeured cars. And instead of putting the civilians in the Defense Department on furlough, let's furlough all the Congressional personal and professional staffers; no budget, no assistants. Sen. Murray is always reminding us that "every penny counts" and Congresswoman DelBene is a millionaire 15 or more times over. Let the people who aren't doing their jobs pay instead.

Bob O'Donnell


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