Rant: Please limit noise pollution on Saturday mornings


When walking with a friend past a senior center and housing facility at 11 at night, do you choose to hold a screaming match? When driving up to a daycare at naptime to pick up a kid, do you blast the bass in your car so loud it can be heard for two city blocks? When sitting in a library, do you get out your drum kit for an impromptu practice session?

Most people would answer no. Even if those were activities individuals would be inclined to do, we would hope people have discretion and would choose a more appropriate times and/or locations for such pastimes. We choose our noise level to match the unspoken, acceptable noise level for a general area.

Why, then is it acceptable for leaf blowers, street sweepers and other large sources of noise pollution to make a ruckus outside of areas of known college student habitation at 8 in the morning on a Saturday? With some exceptions, college students use Saturday as a day to catch up on all the sleep neglected over the course of the week. Brains function better, picking up information faster, when rested. Why deny us this with tasks that could simply wait a few hours? On behalf of all non-morning people like myself, we need time to recharge. Please let us sleep.

- Katherine Thorsen of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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