Wants candidates who back business


Many families are hurting now in Whatcom County. One or more people in many households have either been unemployed, had hours cut or been forced to accept other jobs with significantly lower pay.

The results have been devastating. Many families have lost their homes; others can't begin to think of buying one with their current income. Parents can't afford to help their children gain a college education. Farmers are shutting down or moving to other counties that are more supportive. Nonprofit organizations have seen donations by individuals and businesses slashed, cutting their ability to help those in need and in some cases forcing them to close.

Now we learn that Whatcom County is going to gain 70,000 more residents in the next 30 years. Where will they work?

We need elected officials who recognize the importance of business and farms for our quality of life - not politicians who give lip service to "good jobs." We deserve officials who will strengthen our economy while protecting our land and water - not candidates backed by environmental extremists from outside our county.

Please vote in the Nov. 5 election for Kathy Kershner, Bill Knutzen, Michelle Luke and Ben Elenbaas for County Council and Dan Robbins and Ken Bell for the Port of Bellingham. Their backgrounds, knowledge and skills will do much to improve the quality of life for families and our entire county.

Chet Dow


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