Unhappy with both political parties


To the Democratic and Republican parties: A pox on both your houses. In my view, both parties have abrogated the right to govern this wonderful democracy of the United States of America. A two-party system such as we have in the U.S. can only work if there is the willingness to compromise on both sides. Obviously, that willingness is absent in Congress at this time. The Republicans seem captured and held hostage by special interest groups. The Democrats seem to be incapable of making painful decisions to balance the budget and control entitlement programs. It also appears to me that the president is simply fanning the fires of the discord with rhetoric rather than crafting bridges between the two warring parties. For those reasons, I am looking for another party. I want that party to show fiscal prudence and discipline so that my children and grandchildren will have choices with their tax dollars. I want the party to be able to take reasonable positions on important issues but also be willing to compromise so that resulting legislation is more represents a consensus of America rather than the narrow ideology of a slim majority. I am looking for a party. Unfortunately, I have the feeling I will be looking for a very long time.

Tim Wynn


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