Supports change to health care


The new Affordable Health Care Act is not a Democratic or Republican law, it is an American law. It assures appropriate health care coverage through some new regulations to make sure insurance does what it is supposed to do, take care of those of us who have health problems and spread the cost over the entire population. Our insurance is provided through some government programs put in place by our elected representatives such as Medicare and Medicaid but is, and remains, largely a private free market system. The current issue of Consumer Reports, November 2013, has a great comprehensive explanation of what the law does and what it does not do. Americans on Medicare will see no change in their coverage. States that are expanding Medicaid will cover everyone with an income below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. Poor families in other states will have no new affordable health care options. There is nothing in the law that changes insurance you get through your work. However, if your employer decides to change your benefits, you will now have other options. One of the major features is that when buying insurance, you will now have the state insurance exchanges and you will have all kinds of help in selecting the best insurance for the dollar for your family. Consumer Reports has five pages of ratings of insurance plans to help guide you.

Karl Kleeman


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