Wants waterfront reserved for pleasure


We should acknowledge the waterfront as a great and valuable resource for this area. The wisdom of our leaders to not make quick decisions on its future prove that point. If there was a plan with some flexibility people could help by giving advice or sharing ways to keep the costs down by using local ingenuity, doing what is right and giving us something we can enjoy and be proud of for future generations. Many people when they see government at work abhor the thought of helping because of high taxes and mistrust. The growing infrastructure of government tends to feed on itself and with all the process forgets the simple needs of the public. Here are some ideas that might help the process. The waterfront area is a jewel and joy because of its natural location. Why try to develop it? If you go to Vancouver they have Stanley Park and New York has Central Park (though slightly polluted). If this area was truly for the general public, we could share this wonderful resource, get rid of the cars and pavement and have bikes, walking paths, lakes and beaches, artistic architecture and landscapes that bring life to the city. It would also be nice to have a transportation hub for electric light rail so that we can plan for the future and get rid of the cars in high-density areas but I suppose that will have to wait for a future editorial.

Rich Berry


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